Eldorado and Highway 285 South Area

2 Avenida Torreon
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Eldorado Community School

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The Inside Scoop from Parents
“Overall this school is one of the best from what we have to chose from in Santa Fe, parents are active in school activities. A few teachers lack the initiative to teach excelling students, but a wonderful choice considering.” – Jack (June 2005)

Eldorado School Offers Wide Variety of Programs
The local school for Eldorado and Highway 285 corridor communities Lamy, Galisteo, Glorieta, and beyond, is just a mile from Highway 285. Eldorado students are presented with the opportunity to become involved in a journalism club, safety patrol, beginning and advanced choir, band, Future Problem Solvers, an after school Spanish class and Math Olympiads. All Eldorado students participate in art, music, library and physical education.

This Pre-Kindergarten through Seventh grade school is actively supported by the community. The exemplary PTA and the Dad’s Club plan, organize and work many special events throughout the school year that directly benefit the school. Many community members use the Eldorado facility for child-centered events and activities.

Eldorado teachers are involved in the community, create caring and creative classroom environments, and are life-long learners always looking for opportunities to bring new ideas into the classrooms. Eldorado teachers hold high expectations for student success and work individually and collaboratively to create conditions that promote student success.

Eldorado parents send children who are ready to learn, are willing to become involved in the school community, and have a desire to help create and maintain an environment of academic excellence.

Eldorado students become actively engaged in and give their best effort to academic and extra-curricular pursuits. They are considerate of others and contribute to school and community service. They accept responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions.

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